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Tesoro’s Oil Spill

Tesoro’s Oil Spill Planning Manager notified Cook Inlet RCAC along with state and federal agencies of a release of approximately 42 gallons of gasoline additive (described by Tesoro as a detergent additive) at the KPL dock. The additive is added to gasoline cargos upon loading, although no loading operations were in progress at the time of the release. The release occurred as a result of a broken sight glass (used to visually determine the fluid level in a tank) on a 200 gallon storage tote. Approximately 18 gallons of the additive were contained in secondary containment around the tote and on the dock itself; the remaining 24 gallons (approximately) were blown into Cook Inlet by high winds.

Tesoro response personnel stopped the source of the leak and recovered all of the product in the secondary containment and from the dock. No on water response was conducted; the product dissipated rapidly due to heavy seas and high winds. No other environmental impact was observed, and no one was injured. Tesoro is conducting a safety investigation to determine the best resolution to prevent any future incidents of this nature. Until the investigation is complete the sight glass will be removed and the product level in the tote will be gauged manually. Staff will continue to monitor terminal operations and forward new information as it becomes available.

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