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Department of Commerce’s Alaska Marine Trades Business Questionnaire

Dear Seafood Industry Businesses, Leaders, Officials and Partners,

The Department of Commerce’s Alaska Marine Trades Business Questionnaire is set to close on September 15 and we need help encouraging your local marine businesses to take the survey. So far we’ve received poor response – 60 statewide – with no response from many major fishing ports like Naknek, Cordova, Dillingham, King Cove, Kenai, Sand Point and Wrangell.   Response rates from other coastal communities is not strong either.  Greater information is needed in order for us to provide more precise localized input to local governments, ports and harbors, state agencies and the Legislature that will help improve the business environment for marine trades and related businesses. These businesses are primary partners for the commercial fishing and seafood processing industries. Their ability to operate more efficiently and effectively in their coastal communities is a direct benefit to seafood businesses. The Department will use survey responses to prepare a report that will be presented at the Alaska Association of Harbormasters and Port Administrators meeting in October and for general distribution.

A link to the online questionnaire is here:

There are several types of marine-related businesses we are hoping will complete this survey. Below is a table listing just some of the types of businesses that may benefit from improvements in local business environments.

Thank you for considering this request and any help you might offer in encouraging greater participation by local businesses.


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