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Sunken Vessels

Through our contact with the ADEC, staff has been made aware of two vessels sinking in JakolofBay. The Seldovia/Jakolof Bay area received approximately four feet of snow over the holiday which is thought to have lead to the sinking of the F/V Kupreanof and the F/V Leading. There were an estimated 50 gallons of diesel fuel and an additional 20-30 gallons of miscellaneous oils on board the F/V Leading Lady which caused an approximate 100 ft. by 100 ft. sheen in the vicinity of the vessels. The F/V Kupreanof had no engine or fuel on board and had been towed to the bay by the F/V Leading Lady; the vessels were moored and anchored together when they sank. A Unified Command has been formed consisting of the vessels owner and, the ADEC and the USCG. The USCG has ordered the vessels owner to develop and provide a salvage plan within 24 hours for salvage and removal of the vessels. Additionally the vessels owner has been instructed to mark the vessels as they are a hazard to navigation. The ADEC will be issuing a letter of State Interest instructing the vessels owner to contain and control the pollution from the vessels. Likewise the ADNR will issue a State Tidelands Trespass letter instructing the vessels owner to provide a salvage plan to remove the vessels from the State’s Tidelands.  The Division of Environmental Health has issued a Stop Sale Order on the sale of oysters from Jakolof Bay, even though the oysters are not due to be harvested until spring. Below are some photographs of the vessels along with an attachment above of a chart for the area showing the location of the sunken vessels.

Staff will continue to monitor the response, salvage, and removal efforts and will report the progress as we get more information. 



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