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Kenai/Soldotna Fish & Game Advisory Committee

The Kenai/Soldotna Fish & Game Advisory Committee will hold an election meeting January 16th at the Soldotna Sports Center at 6:30 pm.  Agenda will include comments on the draft MOU and additional agenda items are still to be determined.  Public is encouraged to attend.  For more information contact Mike Crawford at 252-2919.  Posted and emailed notice 12/21/2012.

Please note your commercial fishing representatives are: Dyer Vandevere (drift), Chris Brandt (set), Paul A. Shadura II (set), alternate

Christina Shadura (set)  Both Christina and Dyers terms are up. Must elect at least one drift fishermen for the committee seat and one alternate who can be either one of gear types. Although the board has made it known that they would probably vote for a drift alternate to balance the representation. Either a drift or setnet can be voted in for an alternate position.

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