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Momentum for Fishery Disaster Funding

Tuesday, March 26th 2013

I received this today from Senator Murkowski aide, looks good! Probably have to go through a conference committee, we shall she if amendment (#672) makes it through the process. The administration would still have to fund it in some manner meaning from the operating budget or buy appropriation process.

~ Paul

U.S. Senate

Momentum for Fishery Disaster Funding, Frankenfish Labeling

Alaskan Impact: Senator Murkowski has repeatedly urged the federal government to follow through on the delivery of funds for federally-recognized fishery disasters in Alaska and 7 other states – explaining to her colleagues that they are no different from droughts afflicting farmland.  Murkowski filed an amendment (#672) last week to the Senate budget bill and led a bipartisan effort to direct resources to our fisheries, which passed unanimously around 11pm AKDT.

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