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Salmon Quality for Gillnet Fisheries video series

Publication Announcement from Alaska Sea Grant

Salmon Quality for Gillnet Fisheries video series

May 30, 2013

Alaska’s 2013 salmon season is under way. As thousands of commercial
fishermen get their operations up and running, the price for this year’s
fish is also on their minds. Fish handling by the harvester is of utmost
importance-when the quality of salmon rises, so do the prices.

The Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program has updated nine short videos
that offer helpful hints for maintaining the intrinsic high quality of
Alaska salmon harvested by gillnet fisheries. The videos demonstrate methods

used by drift and set net fishermen in several Alaska locations, to care for

the fish they catch. Topics are boat setup, fishing practices, onboard
product handling, chilling, dressing, pressure bleeding, unloading, and

While focused on the salmon gillnet fisheries, the techniques can be adapted

to improve product quality and profit in any of the salmon fisheries.

Please visit the Salmon Quality for Gillnet Fisheries video series on the
web, or watch them at the Alaska Sea Grant YouTube site.

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