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Governor Appoints Dillingham Man to Board of Fish

Original Source: Radio Kenai
July 31, 2013

Gov. Parnell: “When Vince Webster, when his nomination was declined by the Legislature. I told the Bristol Bay area that I would work to keep a representative there.”

And the Governor has done just that.

Frederick “Fritz” Johnson of Dillingham will take the seventh seat on the Board of Fisheries.

According to the Governor’s office, Johnson has fished for salmon and herring in Bristol Bay since 1979, and has operated a drift gillnet permit since 2000.

For the past five years, he has served as the regional fisheries coordinator for the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation, a position that has acquainted him with Board of Fisheries issues and processes.

Johnson boasts a background in print news – he founded the Bristol Bay Times in 1980, and published it until 1992 – and was also in media and public relations for the Bristol Bay Native Association and Bristol Bay Housing Authority.

He is a current board member of Nushagak Electric and Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

Johnson’s appointment is effective immediately, though he will face Legislative confirmation after the next in-cycle meetings.

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