About KPFA

The Kenai Peninsula Fishermen’s Association (KPFA) is one of the largest trade organizations of its type in Alaska. Our 300 plus members are primarily setnetters, but also include drifters and seiners who fish in Cook Inlet. On some sites,  four generations of families participate together in this fishery. We represent an industry where 84% of the participants are Alaskan residents, 56% of whom reside on the Kenai Peninsula year round. The primary species harvested in Cook Inlet, by an overwhelming margin, is Sockeye Salmon.

KPFA is involved in a broad range of fisheries and environmental issues. We represent the interests of commercial fishermen before the Alaska Board of Fisheries, North Pacific Fishery Management Council, and have played a major role keeping our fishery biologically and economically sound.

We actively participate in a variety of organizations to promote and protect our industry, including the Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association, the Cook Inlet Regional Planning Team, Fish & Game Advisory Committees, the Kenai River Special Management Area Advisory Board, Cook Inlet Regional Citizen’s Advisory Council, Beluga Recovery Team, and the United Fishermen’s Association.

We work collectively with the State of Alaska, The Kenai Peninsula Borough and City entities to ensure that our industry continues to be a vital part of the local and state economies.

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