SkiffKPFA has become a stable political and legal action trade association through the dedication and financial commitment of our members. The majority of our funding -and our ability to operate effectively- comes through our voluntary membership dues, contributions and assessment.  Because of these financial commitments we have been able to accomplish much on the political, legal, and public relations fronts. Significant accomplishments include minimizing regulatory changes at Board of Fisheries hearings, continued promotion of the economic values of the Cook Inlet commercial fishery, and initiating Kenai River habitat stewardship. We would welcome the membership of any Cook Inlet commercial fisherman.

If you are a Cook Inlet commercial fisherman interested in becoming a member of the KPFA, please download the KPFA Membership Form and contact us at or phone, (907)262-2492.  After adding an item to the cart, select “Continue Shopping” to return to this page or “Checkout” to complete your order.  Please complete a new membership form if you have had changes in your information.

If you are already a member and are unable to attend a meeting, you may complete the current Proxy form to give your designee the power to vote for you. 2017-KPFA-Proxy-Form

Individual Permit Holder

Price: $150.00

Minor Permit Holder (under 16 years of age)

Price: $50.00

Each Crewmember

Price: $25.00

Processor or Marketer

Price: $150.00

Associate Member (all other interested parties)

Price: $50.00


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